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Happy Spring!
We are so glad to have the sunshine. So are the animals!

With the beautiful weather comes planting season! The tractors are busy in the fields already. Long days of work are upon us. Gardening season is also in full swing. Mendy & I have been growing some plants inside and we love seeing them sprout! I am so excited to plant them and see how well I inherited the green thumb!

My husband Logan and I now have 75 meat peeps in our garage in our homemade brooder pen! We are raising them for ourselves, and we are very excited. We will be posting video updates on their progress and the process. I am working on the first video now!

Mendy & I have sat down and done some business planning and had some discussions with how to balance orders and other duties. We are implementing new hours beginning May 1st. The new hours are to help us balance life and work and still be able to serve our customers to the fullest! We will now be CLOSED Sundays, Mondays, & Wednesdays. We are going to be open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Orders received on the days we are closed will be answered/filled on the next business day!

We are also opening our storefront to open shopping one Saturday a month, calling it “Shop the Farm Days”!

We were open April 15th for open shopping of our freezers, and had a great turnout! Our next Shop the Farm Day is May 6th, 2023. We will be open to the public from 9am and closing at 2pm! We hope to see you there! Watch on Facebook for reminders!

I am working to continuously polish my skills for video editing and content creation, and have gotten the farm’s YouTube channel back up and running!

I have a few videos uploaded already, and am continuing to work on more! Subscribe to our channel @rusmenfarmsmeats! We have just uploaded our newest video on April 19th, touching base on the topic of the mRNA vaccines that have become a hot discussion this week!

Thank you for your continued support, online and in person! We love to be able to have these ways of keeping in touch with our customers. Hope to see you on May 6th!

Till next time!
Elaina & Mendy

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