Premium Smoked Sausage


Our Premium Smoked Sausage comes approximately 1 lb. per package and frozen at the time of processing to lock in its premium flavor.

*Packages weigh between .9lbs. – 1lb.

Price is per pack.



A popular addition to charcuterie boards, appetizers, sandwiches, stews, jambalaya, pasta dishes, and more, our Premium Smoked Sausage adds a robust and savory element.

Using our Premium Ground Pork and exposing the sausages to smoke from hardwoods, such as hickory, mesquite, or applewood, adds depth and complexity to the sausages flavor. A delicious combination of smoky & savory, and a satisfying texture, Rus-Men Farms Premium Smoked Sausage’s versatility makes it a beloved ingredient in various dishes.


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