Premium Smoked Bacon Ends


Premium Smoked Bacon Ends come frozen at the time of processing to lock in it’s premium flavor.

*Price is per pack.



Our Premium Smoked Bacon Ends are a great option for those who enjoy the taste of bacon and want to add its delicious flavor to a variety of dishes without necessarily needing perfect, uniform slices. They’re a versatile ingredient that can enhance the taste of many recipes while reducing food waste by using the trimmings from bacon production.

Popular for various culinary purposes, Premium Smoked Bacon Ends can be used in recipes where bacon is a key ingredient, such as soups, stews, quiches, omelets, salads, and pasta dishes. They are also excellent for adding flavor to beans, greens, and other vegetable side dishes!




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.5lbs. – .75lbs., .76lbs. – 1.05lbs.


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