Premium Bratwurst Patties & Links


Premium Bratwurst Patties come 4 per pack and weigh between 1.2lbs. – 1.3lbs.

Premium Bratwurst Links come 4 per pack and weigh between 1lb. – 1.1lbs.

Packages are frozen at the time of processing to lock in it’s wonderful flavor.

*Price is per pack.


Known for its distinctive taste, quality ingredients, and traditional preparation methods, Rus-Men’s Premium Bratwurst is made from a mixture of our Premium Pork, herbs & spices. One notable aspect of Premium Bratwurst is its texture; it often has a slightly coarse or chunky consistency due to the coarsely ground meat used in its preparation.

Traditionally a German dish, bratwurst is often served pan-fried or grilled, in a bun or roll, topped with condiments like mustard, sauerkraut, onions, or pickles. It is also a popular choice for hearty meals, paired with sides like potato salad, grilled vegetables, or sautéed onions. Additionally, it can be incorporated into stews, casseroles, or pasta dishes, adding its robust flavor to the overall dish.

Choose from Regular, Cheddar, Cajun, Sweet Italian, or Jalapeno Cheddar Premium Bratwurst Links, and Regular Premium Bratwurst Patties.


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