Premium Beef Steaks


Our Premium Beef Steaks come 1 per Pack with our Premium Sirloin coming 2 per pack, and are frozen at the time of processing to lock in the flavor.

*Price is per pack.


Rus-Men’s Premium Beef Steaks are high-quality cuts of beef that come from well-raised and well-fed cattle. Our steaks have certain characteristics that make them stand out from lower quality cuts, including a tender texture, rich flavor, and well-marbled appearance. Whether you enjoy the tenderness of a Filet or the beefy flavor of a Strip Steak, our Premium Beef Steaks offer a variety of textures and flavors for even the pickiest of steak lovers.

For best flavor and even cooking, bring our Premium Beef Steaks to room temperature prior to cooking. Each cut has its own distinct texture and flavor complex, and pairs well with a variety of seasonings and side dishes.


Additional information

Steak Cuts

Ribeye Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Strip Steaks, Sirloin Steaks, Flank Steaks, Skirt Steaks, Filet, Cubed Round Steak, Porterhouse Steak


.5lbs. – .65lbs., .66lbs. – .85lbs., .86lbs. – 1.05lbs., 1.06lbs. – 1.25lbs., .9lbs. – 1.05lbs., 1.06lbs. – 1.25lbs., 1.26lbs. – 1.45lbs., 1.46lbs. – 1.65lbs., 1.66lbs. – 1.85lbs., .3lbs. – .45lbs., .46lbs. – .65lbs., .66lbs. – .85lbs., .86lbs. – 1.05lbs., .5lbs. – 1.05lbs., 1.06lbs. – 1.55lbs., 1.56lbs. – 2.05lbs., .7lbs. – 1.05lbs., 1.06lbs. – 1.35lbs., 1.36lbs. – 1.65lbs., 1.66lbs. – 2.05lbs., 1lb. – 1.45lbs., 1.46lbs. – 1.75lbs., 1.76lbs. – 2.05lbs.


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