Premium All Beef Hot Dogs


Our Premium All Beef Hot Dogs come 4 per package and frozen at the time of processing to lock in it’s premium flavor.

*Price is per pack.



Rus-Men’s Premium All Beef Hot Dogs are made from high-quality cuts of beef, without the addition of fillers, by-products or artificial flavors. These hot dogs are made from a blend of lean beef and beef fat, which gives them their signature juicy and flavorful taste.
One of the most important characteristics of our Premium All Beef Hot Dogs is that they are made using natural casings. This provides a satisfying “snap” when bitten into and also enhances the overall texture of the hot dog.
Grill ’em, or pan fry ’em, they’re a versatile food that can be served with a variety of toppings on buns or breads. For a quick and easy meal, our Premium All Beef Hot Dogs are delicious and satisfying!


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