Premium Beef and Pork Ordering Next Steps

Thank You for reserving your Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef or Half or Whole Hog with us! 

We want to make this an easy process! While we love to speak to each and everyone of you, sometimes it’s not always possible. This reference is to answer the most common questions when reserving a Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef or Hog. If this is your first time reserving meat, WELCOME!! We love having the ability to share our farm and knowledge with new people.

Rusty & Mendy Sellman. 
Rus-Men Farms Beef, Pork, Chicken

The following are the Next Steps after you have reserved your Beef or Hog:

  1. You will receive a Google Calendar Invite to conveniently add to your calendar of choice. Remember, this is just the date the animal goes in for processing, NOT the date it will be ready for pick up. 

  2. You will receive a “bill” via text message on the haul date. This is to inform you of the total due to Rus-Men Farms. This is NOT due at this time. Your bill from Rus-Men Farms is due 30 days from the haul date. (You will receive a reminder text 2 weeks after the haul date.)

  3. Our Processor, Pinhook Meats, will call you regarding your cutting/processing preferences. This call will come about 2 weeks after the haul date. Please do not call Pinhook Meats, they will call you once your meat is next to be cut/processed. Calling before they are ready increases the likelihood of losing preferences, and confusion. (Please refer to the Beef or Hog Breakdown on the purchasing info page for Beef or Pork for your cutting preferences.) Call us or message us if you have any questions!

  4. Two (2) days before the haul date, you will receive an email reminder that your haul date is coming up.

  5. Once Pinhook Meats is finished processing your order, they will call you to inform you of your processing fee and to set up a pickup date/time. Your processing fee is due upon pickup. Pinhook Meats is located at 236 West Main Street Lucas, OH 44843, reach them at 419-892-0050

  6. The meat portion is paid to Rus-Men Farms, this amount is due 30 days from the haul date.

For payment, we accept:

Cash/Check: dropped off in our drop-box, (Make checks payable to: “Rus-Men Farms”) or mailed to our farm : Rus-Men Farms, 710 Iberia Rd. Galion, OH 44833.

Venmo: @rusmenfarms

CashApp: $rusmenfarms

Contact us if you have any questions at 419-971-6957