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7th Generation Farmer | Nurse-by-Trade | Social Media and Client Management

The first half of January has already passed! We are excited to be entering a new year, with big plans ahead. We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family, even amidst the blizzard!

The blizzard came with its own challenges, such as preparing all of the barns with livestock, preparing our backup power generators, and keeping everyone safe while doing so! Our steers, hogs, goats, horses, dogs, and cats all stayed cozy and weathered the storm! Our cattle had frosty beards, and the pigs were bundled under big mounds of straw.

Cattle and pigs are actually very resilient to cold temps and wind chill if they have proper wind break and a place to stay dry. The steers may have been covered in frost and snow, but that is a good sign! When cattle have snow on top of their hair, that means that their body heat is not escaping, melting the snow. If you see cattle outside in the snow and the snow is melting on their back, they are losing their body heat and will not tolerate the cold very long! We were pleased to see our cattle were snowy and frosty, and not losing their valuable body heat in such frigid temps.

We kept busy those days when the snow was deep, as Rusty, Dustin, Jesse Sr, and neighbors had a full time job pulling cars and trucks out of the ditches of our road! When we weren’t fighting the weather, we had a relaxing time off from the business front, and made lots of time tying up loose ends for the year 2022, and getting ourselves prepared for another year of business.

We are planning to keep streamlining our processes this year, but don’t worry, it will come with fewer changes to our customers’ roles as the last year did! We appreciate all of our customers’ adaptability with our ever-growing business. We have amazing customers and could not do what we do without you. And you are all the reason we do what we do, we want to fill your freezers with premium proteins and help equip you with the knowledge to choose wisely what you eat and where your money goes!

This new year comes with exciting plans. We have plans of developing sets of cook books for purchase that include our most requested recipes, and our trusty rusty home meals from the farm! We are also developing a drop-spot in the Delaware community to broaden our reach, and provide neighboring communities delicious products. These are just a couple of the big plans we have for the new year, and we are glad to be taking you along with us!

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for your continued support, and remember: EAT LIKE YOU LIVE HERE!

The RusMen Farms Team

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