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What’s Going On?!

February is already half over! The winter season may still be in full swing, but our minds are on springtime! Especially with these few days of warm and sunny weather.

Winter is still a busy season on the farm, but this is the season we do a lot of planning.
Mendy & I are already in gardening mode! Our seeds are in the mail and we are already mapping out our gardens.
We will soon be starting seeds. This is the first year I will be planting my own garden, I cannot wait to see if I have inherited the ‘green thumb’! Fingers crossed, because I have big plans for my garden.

And speaking of planting, this is the time that Rusty, Jesse, Dustin and the rest of the crew start planning for Spring Planting season. Now, the plan is not set in stone, as it is contingent upon weather conditions. So they plan as much as this allows them!

We had a love-ly Valentine’s Day, and hope you did too! We posted a special deal on strip steaks, 2 for $15, and they sold out in less than 24 hours!

We unfortunately have had to raise the price of our eggs. Eggs are now $4.00/dozen. We hated to do this, but with the rising feed costs and high demand it was necessary. We appreciate all of your understanding, you guys have been so wonderful through these past few years of big changes.

We are now offering 4 bundles permanently. Visit our Facebook page to see them! We have a $60, $80, $100, and a chicken bundle!

Thank you for joining in on another month of our newsletter. We are so glad to have such a wonderful support of customers and friends! Lets continue to strive for local food security and knowing your farmer, and knowing your food!

Til next time!

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