A Few New Things!

Turkey Season

Happy Hump-Day! We are full swing into our busiest season of the year. But we are grateful! We are excited to announce three new products we are offering. We are now offering Smoked Sausage ($5.50/lbs.), Chicken Patties ($7.50/lbs.), & Chicken Bratwurst links ($7/50/lbs.). Such a great addition to our shelves! And it is not too […]

Fall is in Full Swing Here at the Farm!

Mendy with Fall Decorations

We are in the beginning of October and the start of the Autumn season! Fall on the farm means grain harvest, and grain harvest means early mornings and late nights. This time of year has its challenges but the satisfaction of finishing the last field at the end of the season is priceless! Thanksgiving is […]

We are in Full Swing Here at the Farm!

Rus Men Farms Harvest Hut

We are beginning July, and halfway through 2022! Crops are in the ground and growing. We made the 1st cutting of hay for the summer. This hay will be used for fed for our steers, along with the non-GMO corn we raise. It’s the time of year that we start thinking about your Thanksgiving meal! […]