February Happenings

February Happenings

What’s Going On?! February is already half over! The winter season may still be in full swing, but our minds are on springtime! Especially with these few days of warm and sunny weather. Winter is still a busy season on the farm, but this is the season we do a lot of planning. Mendy & […]

New Year, New Ideas!

Delivery Day

The first half of January has already passed! We are excited to be entering a new year, with big plans ahead. We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family, even amidst the blizzard! The blizzard came with its own challenges, such as preparing all of the barns with livestock, preparing our backup power generators, and keeping […]

Who Needs Chocolate When You Have Seeds?

Steers in the barn

Who needs chocolate for Valentine’s Day when you have seeds? February is the time to pour over seed catalogs and plan for Spring planting. I don’t know about you, but seeing all the bright pictures makes me giddy! I know gardening is A LOT of work, but it it’s a must when you live on […]