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Happy Hump-Day! We are full swing into our busiest season of the year. But we are grateful!

We are excited to announce three new products we are offering. We are now offering Smoked Sausage ($5.50/lbs.), Chicken Patties ($7.50/lbs.), & Chicken Bratwurst links ($7/50/lbs.). Such a great addition to our shelves!

And it is not too late to order your Thanksgiving turkey! When you place your order we ask that you pay a $20 deposit, and provide us with a phone number & email address. The deposit reserves your turkey, and will be deducted from the total of the turkey. The turkeys are $4.99/lbs, and will average about 16-20 lbs. Pick-up is November 22nd, at 7pm, no early pickups will be available. We are bringing the turkeys home fresh from the processor at 7pm!

Rusty and the guys are still in the fields harvesting, they are done with soybeans, and now harvesting corn. They have had a few mishaps and breakdowns, which is not out of the ordinary. But they are still going strong!

This season is our busiest, as we harvest we also have to prepare our barns and animals for winter. This can be quite the task!

As we are in our busiest season, we are reminded why it is important for us to have our business hours “by appointment only”. This benefits you as our customers and us as busy farmers.

We only offer appointments due to the mere fact that we are often called to help with repairs, or to run lunch/dinner to the field, or to tend to the animals while Rusty is harvesting. Making appointments makes sure we are available to our customers.

We want to make sure that you can shop for what you need as well as answering any questions.

This lifestyle is also why we utilize the “no-contact” style ordering process. We are so glad that it has worked as well as it has! It gives us the opportunity to fill orders as we receive them, or when we are next available, but also lets you as the customer decide when to pick up!

We want to thank you for your support, and we are so glad to be able to provide you with our premium products. We will continue to build our business to meet your needs, and build local food security.

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